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We encourage reviews, after all it's a reflection of the way a business operates, Yes? . well no ..... not always read on! 

Fairness ....... Google Reviews operate in a unique way, customers can place a negative review irrespective of whether it's merited or accurate OR fair & we do not have the ability to reply or challenge when a review is unfair !!   When reading our low reviews please consider that the reviewer has the potential to seek to damage our reputation without lawful justification.     

Target Cars take aftercare very seriously, investigate fully, and are fully compliant with FCA complaint handling, Our very high ratings place us at the peak when compared to similar business's - Some shoppers simply demand more than they are entitled to receive & use review as a weapon when they have no bonafide legal right to complain ! 

Google currently has x3 Negative reviews; here is the response we'd give IF Google would allow us to reply !! 

  • Colin Collins. - Bought a 12-Yr-old used Car.  We recommended a Warranty that would have covered the Alternator that actually failed 2500 miles after purchase - we don't have a crystal ball which is exactly why we recommended the warranty. Their refusal to invest in cover is now apparently our fault - .  Next time take our advise & buy our great value-4-money protection.  [ps then threatened us with his solicitor, YES PLEASE, we'd welcome a professional approach from someone who actually knows the law. ] You got exactly the Warranty you knowingly paid for Mr Collins. Do you consider this an UNFAIR REVIEW?, we do.
  • Chris Welsh - Bought a 6-Yr-old used Car. Clutch's wear out on all cars - we don't have a crystal ball, which is exactly why we recommended the Warranty Product that he declined to purchase [incidentally his decline is documented on his invoice].  His refusal to invest in cover is now apparently our fault - , if you don't want to accept the risks of buying used - then save more money & buy new Mr Welsh, OR take our advise and purchase protection.  You got exactly the warranty you knowingly paid for.  Mr Welsh also complained to his Finance company & they agreed with us, ie.. no case to answer. Do you consider this an UNFAIR REVIEW?, we do. 
  • Martyn Alsop - Bought a 12-Yr-old used Car.  Was given the choiceof x3 Warranty options at x3 different purchase prices, he chose the cheapest & shortest period & then criticised us when a problem occured after it had expired. UNFAIR REVIEW.  You got exactly the warranty you paid for Mr Alsop. Do you consider this an UNFAIR REVIEW?, we do.

In total, x3 Negative reviews in the last 4 Years, ALL From buyers who chose the basic cheapest warranty option but then want the benefits of the better/longer product/s that they declined to buy!!  despite us succesfully trading in used/secondhand machines, you do the maths ....Three poor reviews actually speaks volumes about the Quality of vehicles we sell, I invite anyone to come see the time and effort and diligence we invest, please come & see for yourself.  

Upheld Regulatory complaints - NONE, Trading standards investigations - NONE, Court cases lost - NONE.  Hundreds of happy buyers, Hundreds of great reviews, Hundreds of great Target Cars driving all over the UK.